About Longstowe hall

The current owners, William and Mercedes welcome you to Longstowe Hall, their family home, and its surrounding 1,000 hectare estate.

We are proud to have achieved a harmonious balance of ancient woodland, old pasture grazed by sheep with carefully managed farming on the Estate.

As a founding member of the West 100s wildlife group, we are seeking to enhance wildlife by linking habitats with the creation of wildflower and winter bird feed margins along the edges of our fields. And, we’ve had a great success encouraging the natural re-colonisation of areas with wild orchids.

At the Hall and the Farm we are looking forward to the dawn of battery storage for surplus power from our two solar panel sites to allow even greater sustainability of energy here.

We are delighted to offer Longstowe Hall to you for weddings and events on an exclusive, private basis so that you can experience this wonderful, historic, countryside estate and its magnificent gardens, making your occasion truly memorable.

Images courtesy of: Juan Muino, TwoFlix

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